Screen shot of corpora translations

Introducing Corpora Translations

Corpora Translations is a small, two-person translation company based both in Brazil and in the U.S. They specialize in providing language services to international organizations, government institutions, law offices, and any other sectors that would require precise translation and interpretation. In other words, they do what translation “chop shops” and Google Translate cannot: carry over voice and tone, while accounting for colloquialisms and regional dialects.

Business partners Mirna and Bea had expressed a strong desire to avoid common design clichés found in many translation websites. No globes or ubiquitous shiny, energetic, more-professional-than-thou people. We opted to use the bridge as a metaphor for the connective potential that translation can facilitate. There is no emphasis on speed because that is more typical of low-quality translation sites. Every project is different and there are a variety of factors that affect turnaround time – scope, urgency, budget, etc. In that aspect, it’s just like web design!

The website runs on Wordpress and exists in English and Brazilian Portuguese. To handle that, I have installed the powerful WPML plugin along with Yoast SEO. These plugins allow the each language to function as its own entity within its respective region with localized URLs, language settings, and meta data. Essentially, we’re using one CMS to run two semi-independent sites. It doesn’t require each page to have a translation, and you can serve different navigation menus. There are no disruptions caused by discrepancies in the content. It really is nice.

For me, this project was a lot of fun. It was the first freelance site that I’ve taken in years and it’s been a nice departure from working in the constraints of my day job. I suppose that I should disclose that Mirna is my lovely girlfriend.

View the site: English | Portuguese