Hello, I’mJared Cunha

I’m a designer and engineer who loves working on ethical technology projects.

Recent blog posts

  • I am not tracking you

    Our privacy is more important than ever. Technology companies have proven to be cavalier with how our personal data is collected, used, and secured. I’m not giving them your data.

    Posted on February 27, 2020

  • Redesigning in the open

    Here, I am documenting the steps I am taking as I go through redesigning and refactoring my site. This post will be updated regularly until the design is done.

    Posted on February 18, 2020

  • Recipe: A Styleguide

    Building a styleguide for Restaurants Plus

    Posted on August 17, 2016

  • Accessible Modal Windows

    Modal windows can pose many accessbility challenges. Here is how to adress them.

    Posted on May 25, 2016