Heavily-painted car with plants growing out of every part of it. There are some onlookers behind it, and the word "Kensington" painted on the street.

Toronto, 2023

It’s been several years since I’ve had to the opportunity to travel to a conference, nearly a decade. I suppose that’s to be expected when your career takes you from a company that is hemorrhaging cash (LivingSocial) to the public sector to brand new company. But 2022 was a good a year for us, and in 2023, we were able to attend conferences.

When given the option, I have a preference for finding conferences in cities where I’ve never been before. I’ve heard great things about Toronto, so when I learned about Refactor DX, I wanted to check it out. The conference was only two days long, but I did get some time walk through some neighborhoods close to my to hotel.

CN Tower reflected in the glass of another skyscraper
Pedestrians walking a city street. One person appears to be yawning.
A worker taking a smoke break, minimalist framing.
Tight shot of dolls in a storefront
Portrait of young girl, serious expression
A strange biker-looking mannequin with a sign saying 'terrorizing toddlers since 1969'
A man resting at a storefront after running
A man walking on a city street with hiking poles
Creepy dolls in a store window hidden behind grates
Early morning light hitting alley basement windows on a building
Legs coming from out of the shadow where someone appears passed out. Heavily spray painted garage.
Garage entry with an elaborate black and white mural
Elaborate black and white mural spreading to the ceiling
Wall mural behind a parking lot
Wall mural behind a building
Workers working on egress windows on a heavily painted wall
Teenager painting a mural on a spray-painted wall